Remember to honor your Mom!

Captain Jim and his Mom

Captain Jim with his Mom – Mothers' Day 2017

With Mother's Day fast approaching,  I’m sure many of you are thinking of how to honor or celebrate your mom in a memorable way.  Well seeing how I’ve had to work so many of past Mothers' Days, it wasn’t always easy for me to be with her.  Last year, however, I made sure she was with me.  I brought her aboard our 2:00 PM Mothers’ Day Brunch Cruise where she was surprised to have her six children there to celebrate the day with her.  It was a memorable event for the whole family and a great experience for my mom.  

At 89 years young now, it is difficult for her to get around and her memory is not the best.  But last year we managed to make her comfortable and made to feel as special as she should on that day.  She so enjoyed watching the young children dancing to the entertainment as well as the excitement of being out on the lake she so loves.  With my mom now in an assisted living environment nearby, it is even more enjoyable for her to experience and important for us to create these moments with her family.

So, what to do this year?  Well, if she’s up for it, I’ll be booking her on a Mothers’ Day Brunch Cruise aboard the Mount Washington.  Why?  Because she loved it so much last year, and I probably will be working.

For more information on our Mothers’ Day Brunch Cruises, click here.  I will tell you that there are two cruises to choose from, 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM.  Don’t wait too long to book, as this cruise has become very popular and tickets are selling fast.

No matter if you cruise with us or not, please remember to honor your mom, especially on May 13.



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