The Mount Mystery Box

On April 1, 2022, a courier delivered a package to Mount Washington Cruises. Inside the package was a wrapped box with a note, stating that the box should not be opened until Ice Out. Here's what we know so far:

  • The box measures 13" Long x 9" Wide x 4" High
  • The box weighs 1.4 lbs
  • The tag with the note on it is made of wood
  • Ice Out is officially determined when the M/S Mount Washington can visit all of her ports
  • Update (4/2): One of the crew has come forward to say they know the sender and the contents. We'll be able to provide clues from time to time which will be posted on the company Facebook page.
  • Update (4/3): On the back side of the note, there is an image of a dragonfly. The image can be seen on our Facebook page.
  • Update (4/4): A poem is posted to our Facebook page.
  • Update (4/5): An image of a still life painting is posted to our Facebook page.
  • Update (4/6): An image of Spiderman is posted to our Facebook page.
  • Update (4/7): A movie poster is posted to our Facebook page.

After posting a photo of the box to social media, it was suggested that the company host a contest to let people guess what's in the box. Here's how it will work:

Fill out the form below with your guess. Each email address is permitted one guess per day. Additional guesses from the same email within the same calendar day will be discarded. Guesses must be specific and guesses that are overly broad will not be eligible. Once the box is opened, any individual who guessed the contents correctly will be entered into a drawing to receive four (4) Dinner Cruise tickets with Priority Seating on a public dinner cruise in the 2022 season* ($240-$300, depending on date). If no one guesses correctly, we'll still draw one winner at random who will receive four (4) Daytime Cruise tickets for the 2022 season ($168 value).

*Excluded events are July 4, 150th Anniversary Gala, and the Halloween Masquerade Ball.

Employees of Mount Washington Cruises, as well as family and friends of employees, are not eligible for prizes. All family and friends of the sender are also not eligible for prizes.


  • Tess & Randy Plummer

    Looking forward to our dinner cruise for our 32nd Anniversary.

  • Ann Guinard

    A sign for the Spirit.

  • Ann Guinard

    It is a 150th Anniversary sign.

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